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All Gift Cards Have Been Sent!!

All of February’s gift cards have been sent out!! I sincerely apologize for all of the delays. I was flagged multiple times in the fraud department with my credit card which took multiple days to fix. Unfortunately, there are a lot of gift card scams happening. I’m super grateful the credit card companies take this so seriously as it protects people; however…


To avoid this dilemma moving forward, ALL of our April winners will receive their e-gift cards within 24 hours of announcement.


Snail mail cards will be mailed out the next day or you can pick up at the office! Yay!!


We can’t wait to move in and really get to work! We have so much to do, including, but not limited to:


- Mother’s Day Flowers for Foster Parents

- Art Kits for Foster Kids

- Western Mass Toy Drive


If you are curious about the Kind Squad and what we do, check us out at


Thank you so much for your unbelievable support!!



All gift cards have been sent out!!

Congrats, again, to all of our February winners! We hope to see you back for April’s calendar.

Feb 1: Costco - Brittany L ✉️

Feb 2: Subway - Dana R ✅

Feb 3: Door Dash - LuAnn G ✅

Feb 4: Fandango - Karen R ✅

Feb 5: Stop & Shop - Laura R ✅

Feb 6: Michael's - Katherine W ✉️

Feb 7: Wood N Tap - Donna R ✉️

Feb 8: Cinemark - Karen B ✅

Feb 9: Big Y - Paula D ✉️

Feb 10: Amazon - Irene K ✅

Feb 11: Outback - Katie C (gifted) ✅

Feb 12: Joann Fabrics - Irene K ✅

Feb 13: Fandango - Mona C ✅

Feb 14: Hilton - Gail M ✉️

Feb 15: Delaney House - Kim M ✉️

Feb 16: TJ Maxx - Tara D ✅

Feb 17: IHOP - Denise M ✅

Feb 18: Five Guys - Amanda C ✅

Feb 19: Costco - Melodie C ✉️

Feb 20: Dominos Pizza - Lisa T ✅

Feb 21: Big Y - Michelle D ✉️

Feb 22: Dave & Busters - Linda D ✅

Feb 23: Chili's - Karen R ✅

Feb 24: Fandango - Kelly D ✅

Feb 25: Walmart - Laurie B ✅

Feb 26: Amazon - Melissa F ✅

Feb 27: Stop & Shop - Tish S (gifted) ✅

Feb 28: Instacart - Karen B ✅

Feb 29: Target - Donald B ✅

Gift cards have be sent via email/snail mail! If you have an email coming your way, please check your spam. If you don’t receive your card, please call me at 413-493-8246

✅ = your gift card has been emailed and is on its way! If you haven't received it, please call us.

✉️ = we have mailed your Giftcard and you should be receiving it shortly. If you haven't received it within a week, please call us.

Buy 1, Get 1 while supplies last. Use KINDSQUADAPRIL in the promo code.

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