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Congrats to all of our winners!

Updated: Mar 11

February was a great month! We reached our first goal of getting a space to work from for our 2024 Toy Drive and all Kind Squad things that we do!

We will be moving to Chicopee on April 1st and can't wait for you to swing by and say hello!!

Our next step is to meet with an accountant and lawyer to become an LLC and file for non-profit status so we can put more kindness out into the world. We will also be gearing up for our Mother's Day flowers for foster parents!

Thank you to EVERYONE who believes in our mission and helped us reach this first goal. It's incredible to know we will have a space from which to work and storage that we can use for our Kind Squad missions. We are so grateful for your support, generosity and kindness.

We hope you enjoyed the puppets and had some fun watching them. We will be back in April with a brand new calendar with over $5,000 in prizes available, including $1,000 in cash!

Congrats to all of our February winners!

Feb 1: Costco - Brittany L ✉️☑️

Feb 2: Subway - Dana R ✅

Feb 3: Door Dash - LuAnn G ✅

Feb 4: Fandango - Karen R ✅

Feb 5: Stop & Shop - Laura R ✅

Feb 6: Michael's - Katherine W ✉️☑️

Feb 7: Wood N Tap - Donna R ✉️☑️

Feb 8: Cinemark - Karen B ✅

Feb 9: Big Y - Paula D ✉️☑️

Feb 10: Amazon - Irene K ✅

Feb 11: Outback - Katie C (gifted) ✅

Feb 12: Joann Fabrics - Irene K ✅

Feb 13: Fandango - Mona C ✅

Feb 14: Hilton - Gail M ✉️☑️

Feb 15: Delaney House - Kim M ✉️☑️

Feb 16: TJ Maxx - Tara D ✅

Feb 17: IHOP - Denise M ✅

Feb 18: Five Guys - Amanda C ✅

Feb 19: Costco - Melodie C ✉️☑️

Feb 20: Dominos Pizza - Lisa T ✅

Feb 21: Big Y - Michelle D ✉️☑️

Feb 22: Dave & Busters - Linda D ✅

Feb 23: Chili's - Karen R ✅

Feb 24: Fandango - Kelly D ✅

Feb 25: Walmart - Laurie B ✅

Feb 26: Amazon - Melissa F ✅

Feb 27: Stop & Shop - Tish S (gifted) ✅

Feb 28: Instacart - Karen B ✅

Feb 29: Target - Donald B ✅

Gift cards will be sent via email/snail mail early next week!

✅ = your gift card has been emailed and is on its way! If you haven't received it, please contact us.

✉️ = we have mailed your Giftcard and you should be receiving it shortly. If you haven't received it within a week, please contact us.

Check out our next calendar raffle!

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