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Day 15 Winner! 🎉

⭐️ Day 15 Winner: Christina D (454)⭐️

Congratulations, Christina, for winning a $150 in cash tonight! 💰 🎉

Thank you so much for supporting the Kind Squad! 🎉

Tomorrow we draw for $80 GC to Cinemark!

Need a calendar? Available until the end of April! 👉🏼

Daily Drawings:

April 1st - Dunkin Donuts (Maredith H)

April 2nd - Michaels (Dana R)

April 3rd - Cash (Kim Lynch L)

April 4th - Five Below (Donna M)

April 5th - Chili's (Maredith H)

April 6th - Cinemark (David M)

April 7th - Big Y (Jill P)

April 8th - Moms' Night Out Comedy Show (Laura N)

April 9th - Amazon (Brenda N)

April 10th - Joann's (Renee L)

April 11th - Cash (KatieAnne D)

April 12th - Dunkin Donuts (Maredith H)

April 13th - Coach (Quinn Hills )

April 14th - Target (Heather C)

April 15th - Cash (Christina D)

Coming up:

April 16th - Cinemark ($80 GC)

April 17th - Sephora ($100 GC)

April 18th - Starbucks ($50 GC)

April 19th - Pride Gas ($75 GC)

April 20th - Cash ($250)

April 21st - Walmart ($400 GC)

April 22nd - Chewy ($50 GC)

April 23rd - 99 Restaurant ($100 GC)

April 24th - Moms' Night Out Comedy Show ($150 GC)

April 25th - Amazon ($150 GC)

April 26th - Cash ($150)

April 27th - Nike ($100 GC)

April 28th - Lowes ($500 GC)

April 29th - Kohls ($85 GC)

April 30th - $1,000 Cash

Upcoming Event: Moms’ Night Out Dinner & Comedy Show at the Big E (Carraige House). Use MOM for 10%! Good until April 30th.

Each ticket sold will fill a backpack of art supplies for foster kids! Great venue (Big E), great show (lots of laughs), great food (prime rib), great moms (YOU), great benefit (kids).

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