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Day 6 Winner

Day 6 Winner! 🎉

🌟 Day 6 of 29 Winner: Katherine Wheaton! 🌟

Congratulations to Katherine for winning a $50 Gift Card to Michaels! 💳🎉

Thank you, everyone, for supporting what we do! We are getting closer to finding a warehouse space for our 2024 Toy Drive!

We will see you tomorrow at 8 pm. ♥️

Don’t have your calendar yet?

Need tickets to the Valentine’s Day Comedy Show? If you plan on having dinner, you MUST ORDER by Sunday, Feb 11th.

Show only tickets are available for $25.

Use Love2Laugh for $15 off tickets (dinner only). Get tickets here 👉🏼

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Congrats, Katherine! 🎉

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