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Exciting news!

Thanks to you, we have picked up the keys to the new office & storage space! That's a big deal!!

This weekend we will be tidying up and getting ready to move. Our friend and teammmate, Shane Honeyman, will be helping us on Wednesday (3/27) move out of all of our office equipment storage.

On April 1, the office will be open! Hooray!!

What a journey we've already been on in 2024! I have a feeling it's about to get much busier, too!!

On our 'small' list of things to do:

  • Set up office

  • Start April's daily raffle (we think this will be around lunch time)

  • Set up green screen for the puppets

  • Start work on the Kind Squad website

  • Work on more fundraising

  • Work on Toy Drive

Upcoming Kind Squad missions:

  • Mother's Day Flowers for Foster & Single Moms

  • Art Kits for Foster Kids

  • Western Mass Toy Drive

We have more, but these are the things we are most focused on right now. This, and of course, our FunnyRaising Comedy Shows.

We couldn't be more grateful to all of you and look forward to seeing you at the office in April! We will figure out our hours & post them soon.

Thank you for all of your support!! 🩷


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