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Daily Drawings:


April 1st - Dunkin Donuts (Maredith H)


April 2nd - Michaels (Dana R)


April 3rd - Cash (Kim L)


April 4th - Five Below (Donna M)


April 5th - Chili's (Maredith H)


April 6th - Cinemark (David M)


April 7th - Big Y (Jill P)


April 8th - Moms' Night Out Comedy Show (Laura N)


April 9th - Amazon (Brenda N)


April 10th - Joann's (Renee L)


April 11th - Cash (KatieAnne D)


April 12th - Dunkin Donuts (Maredith H)


April 13th - Coach (Kris H)


April 14th - Target (Heather C)


April 15th - Cash (Christina D)


April 16th - Cinemark (Dan T)


April 17th - Sephora (Sherry M)


April 18th - Starbucks (Helen M)


April 19th - Pride Gas (Saundra N)


April 20th - Cash (Maggie C)


April 21st - Walmart (Brenda M)


April 22nd - Chewy (Tina O)


April 23rd - 99 Restaurant (Ruth C)


April 24th - Moms' Night Out Comedy Show (Cathy D)


April 25th - Amazon (David M)


April 26th - Cash (Donna M)


April 27th - Nike (Christine I)


April 28th - Lowes (Susan C)


April 29th - Kohls (Lynn C)


April 30th - Cash (Casey B)


Welcome to our 2nd Calendar Raffle!


The Calendar Raffle Fundraiser supports our efforts to deliver Art Kits for Foster Kids and our 2024 Western Mass Toy Drive for Foster Kids and Children in Need.


The Calendar Raffle includes different prize packages each day in December. Prizes range in value from $50 to $1,000. $5,000 in total prizes are available!


How does it work?

Calendar Raffle tickets can be purchased for $20.00 each through the end of April 2024. Each ticket gives you one entry into the Calendar Raffle. The more tickets, the more chances of winning!


Want to buy more than one raffle ticket? Enter the total number of tickets you want, i.e. 5 tickets for $20.00 each = $100.00.


Each day in April, starting April 1st, a drawing will be done to select a lucky winner of that day’s prize package!


How do I know if I win?

Winners will be contacted directly and posted online at the bottom of this page as well as online via facebook on the FunnyRaising page, Jess Miller Comedy Page, and the Kind Squad page.


How do I get my ticket number?

Once you order your ticket, you will receive an email and a printable version of the calendar. The order number will be your ticket number. We will handwrite your name and ticket number on a raffle ticket and put it in the raffle bin.


You will be contacted directly if you're a winner!


*Please note the Calendar Raffle ticket is virtual. You will receive a confirmation email which will confirm how many tickets you purchased. There is no physical ticket for online purchases



Prizes will be delivered in the first week of May.


100% of the funds we receive will be used to establish an LLC & non-profit status for the Kind Squad and pay for much-needed office & storage space for our 2024 Western Mass Toy Drive for Foster Kids & Children in Need.


The Kind Squad operates on a 100% volunteer basis. Donations collected from members of the Kind Squad are used for direct donations to help and support people in the community from Western Mass and beyond. If you would like to know more or become a part of our group, please visit us on Facebook at Website coming soon.

April 2024 Raffle Calendar

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